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Soft strip & demolition

We perform full soft strip demolition in Luton, Watford, Harlow, London and along the M1 and inside the M25 motorway networks.   We also cover all major conurbations outside these motorway networks.  If you are changing a building’s use or planning a redevelopment give C. Wood and Son Construction Services a call. We can strip a building and add new walls, ceilings or suspended ceilings. C. Wood and Son can provide everything you would expect from a soft strip demolition contractor and more.

We are fully insured and all of our staff are qualified to the relevant standards

Out Soft Strip Demolition Service Includes:
Site clearance
Salvage & Reclamation
Concrete crushing
Asbestos removal
Removing walls
Suspended ceilings
Room clearance
Change of use
Brick work
Hazardous waste removal

Contact Us Today For Soft Strip Demolition

Contact Us Today For Soft Strip Demolition

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