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With 150 years of experience under out belt, the team at C Wood & Son Ltd have completed many church restorations and renovations. Alongside churches, we have been renovating, conserving, repairing and maintaining other types of religious buildings too. These sensitive structures could require replacement stone work, carving or piercing, reproduction of original mouldings, the repointing, the renewal of window surrounds, and doors. 

At C Wood & Son Ltd, we cover all faiths, providing a comprehensive and wealth of experience thorough our expertise, experience and knowledge.  We will work closely with the church architects, representatives and other stake holders so that the project is completed with the minimal of disruption and complete sensitivity to existing church service s and activities. Following guidelines set by the English Heritage to ensure that your project is not compromised in any way what so ever, we do things by the book.

We can cover a wide array of building maintenance services for churches and other places of worship covering a multiple of faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

Types of services that are available include, this list is not exhaustive:

Comprehensive masonry repair and stone cleaning

Metal conservation and repairs

External and internal structural repairs

Stone masonry conservation

Marble repair, cleaning and restoration

Timber conservation, preservation and preservation

Stone masonry repair and restoration

Façade and stone cleaning

Façade conservation and restoration

Roofing and lead work

Concrete structural work

Architectural metal work

Asbestos survey and removal

Repointing and re-grouting

Building refurbishment and modernisation

Building extensions and conversions

Historical walling maintenance and repair

Renewal of walling and external brickwork

WC modernisation

Church hall alterations and modernisation

Building access and disability access compliance

Concrete repairs

Prayer room maintenance

Car parks maintenance

Painting and restoration

Tower, church bell and spire maintenance services

Algae removal from stone and patio areas

Contact the historical and building renovations team direct to discuss the requirements of your project.

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