Natasha Puckerin– Luton 06/03/2017

I would like to stress my sincere gratitude to your team that installed my kitchen this week. I have been at work all week so have left my key with my neighbour, so I have not been able to stay and supervise the work. However on the plus side I have not needed to supervise them as they have gone above and beyond to ensure all tasks are completed effectively.

The Supervisor Tony has been more than helpful. He has explained all tasks and deadlines and has kept me informed at all times. He has also corrected any issues with immediate action.

I had an issue with one of the fitments in the kitchen as the measurements that were done by LBC meant that my fridge freezer would not fit correctly and would potentially block access to the back door. However I reported the issue to Tony at 8am Wednesday Morning and by Lunchtime he had corrected the issue and advised me that it was completed. They have kept all areas clean and tidy and have even kindly put appliances back into their place.

I know these may seem like small issues but with help your team it has made the whole experience a smooth transition

I would like to once again say a big thank you to your team.

All the best in the future.